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Hello there! I’m happy you chose RoHeaven for your free robux needs! I promise you that you will not regret it! Let’s not waste anymore time, let’s get started! To begin earning free robux you need to visit our wonderful site! When you enter you will be promoted to enter your Roblox username, this is so we can know how many points you have to ensure you never loose them! You can then begin to earn robux by completing offers, you do this by clicking on the “Earn Points” tab. Here you will be able to choose from a variety of amazing and simple offers! Some are high rewarding, these may take longer to do. While others don’t give as much, these are shorter ones. When you complete such offers it may take up to 24 hours to receive your reward, BUT do not fear! If you don’t receive it after 24 hours our discord staff would be delighted to help you!
Of course this isn't a scam! We have hundreds of happy users who have participated in services and earned hundreds of robux! We are a well known and trustworthy site and we would never even consider disgracing our loyal members like that! Further more, we never ask for any kind of password and there is no way we could scam you! You can rest assured that all your private information is kept private and shall never be shared to anyone excluding you.
The reason we ask for you username is so we can ensure you never loose any of your precious robux! The website points get saved into the username you enter rather then having to create an account every time! We have built this feature to make it easier for members signing in!
Although we would absolutely be delighted to give you robux without us making any profit this isn't the case, we make money via the offers you do, we get paid by our partners to bring them people for their offers, but this amazing system ensures you can get robux for all your robux needs!
Offer completitions are regulated by our partners, an example of one of them would be AdGateMedia. This could mean that the time it takes you to receive your reward is lengthened a tiny bit, our partners can take up to 24 hours to register a completed offer. A common problem is 'failing' a survey such problems occur quite often, this happens when you don't qualify for a survey and it kicks you out. If you have completed offers on a different website and you try to complete them here again, unfortunetely you will not be credited. If you are 200% sure you have waited 24 hours for your account to be credited, and you are sure that you have not completed it before, you can try contacting the company responsible for the distribution of the offers.
Only do this if you are 200% sure you have waited 24 hours and you haven't completed the offer in the past! To contact the offerwall you have to visit our 'Earn Points' page. Above the offers on the top right there is an orange button that says 'Support' When you click on the button you will be prompted with all the offers you have completed or viewd, at the end of the offer there should be a 'Support' collum. Click 'Contact' and choose the offer you are having problems with. You will then need to provide evidence of completing the offer. If you have to contact the offerwall we won't be able to help you anymore, and the final decision is on them. We are two different companies and they are simply our partners therefore we will not have any say in the final decision of if you will be credited or not but rest assured that our partners will be dilighted to help you out and will be more then fair!
Of course! But there are some requirements first! You must have at least 500 views per video and more then 10 videos! If the views are botted you *CANNOT* partner with us! Prices will be discussed via discord. Please contact the owners or site manager. We are open to all partners who fit the criteria!
Of course we do! We host multiple giveaways weekly giving away hundreds of robux!These giveaways are mainly hosted on our discord server, you can join our discord server via this link: If you don't have a discord account you can signup here! What are you waiting for!? Join our server now and be sure to never miss a single giveaway!**
We release promocodes when we host events, but sometimes we may release them at random! Join our discord server to not miss out on all the fun and promo codes!
To be able to use a promocode you will need to have completed offers but remember, promo codes can only be used once! If you have completed an offer and you can't redeem a promocode we will advice you to please wait at least 24 hours after completing the offer. If you still can't redeeem it feel free to hop on our discord and ask our wonderful staff for help!
Although this is a rare problem we can still help! Unfortunetly the only way to fix this is opening a ticket on our discord server. This can be done by joining our discord and going to the #ticket-help channel. Our staff will be delighted to help you from that point on!
Our referral system is an amazing way to earn robux! When someone signs up using your referral link ( here: ) you will earn a percentage of all the robux they earn!You can share it with your friends and family and you earn robux! This means all you have to do is get people to signup using your referral link and you will earn robux by doing absolutely nothing! Isn't it amazing?
We have hundreds of satisfied and thankful members! Feel free to join our discord and ask around!